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2014 F1 Italian Grand Prix
         F1 Italian Grand Prix Schedule       

 Friday 5 September 2014
 Practice 1 ---- 10:00 - 11:30
 Practice 2 ---- 14:00 - 15:30

 Saturday 6 September 2014
 Practice 3 ---- 11:00 - 12:00
 Qualifying ----            14:00

 Sunday 7 September 2014
 Race ----                   14:00


Formula 1 - Monza - Italy

The inaugural formula 1 championship race took place in 1950 and has been held every year since then.Every Italian grand prix has been held at Monza except in 1980 when it was held in Imola.It is a fantastic track that combines speed with skill.The Monza circuit has seen some of the most breath taking racng of all times, and also some of the worst crashes.The list of famous victories and horrifying crashes is long. All this combine to make Monza one of the best circuits in the formula one calendar.

Michael Schumacher announced his retirement from formula 1 race after winning the Italian Grand Prix in 2006.Kimi Raikkonen replaced him at the Ferrari from 2007 season onwards.
In 2008 Italian Grand Prix season Sebastian Vettel broke the record set by Fernando Alonso to become the youngest driver in the history to win a formula one grand prix, he was aged 21 years and 74 days when he broke the record.

The Italian Grand Prix in the recent years have been labelled as a jinx to the winning driver because no driver was able to win Italian Grand Prix and the world championship in the same years.Over the past two decades only three drivers have won the Italian Grand prix and the world championships in the same year. Ayrton Senna(1990),Michael Schumacher(2000),and Sebastian Vettel(2011).
The Race at the Monza Circuit will be held there till 2016,after the deal was signed in 2010 between Bernie Ecclestone and the Monza track managers.

    Autodromo Di Monza - Monza - Italy   

 Circuit Name -- Autodromo Di Monza
 First Grand prix -- 1950
 No of Laps -- 53
 Circuit Length -- 5.793 Km
 Race Distance -- 306.720 Km
 Lap Record - 1:21.046 - R.Barichello (2004)