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2014 F1 Belgium Grand Prix
         F1 Belgium Grand prix Schedule     

 Friday 22 August 2014
 Practice 1 ---- 10:00 - 11:30
 Practice 2 ---- 14:00 - 15:30

 Saturday 22 August 2014
 Practice 3 ---- 11:00 - 12:00
 Qualifying ----            14:00

 Sunday 24 August 2014
 Race ----                   14:00


Formula 1 - Spa Francorchamps - Belgium

In 1925 the first Belgian Grand prix was held at Spa Francorchamps circuit,and it is one of the most popular venue among the formula one drivers and fans.The original spa circuit was very dangerous and was 14.9 Km long,however the lap distance was reduced slightly over the years.In the year 1970 the last race took place at this circuit which was still very fast and measured 14 Kms.

The Belgian Grand Prix was held in Brussels from 1971 until 1985,when the relaid spa circuit was opened for racing and the Belgian Grand Prix returned there.Since 1985 the spa francorchamps circuit has been the home of formula one in Belgium.

More than twenty years on spa remains the longest circuit on the calendar,but still most formula one drivers rank this circuit among their favourite tracks.The weather is also very tricky here it may raining on one part of the track and dry on another.It has been a challenging for all the formula one drivers over the years.

World Champion Michael Schumacher,who made his debut at spa in 1991 and won his first race there in 1992.He also won his 52nd grand prix at spa in 2001,with this win he overtook the record of Alain Prost's 51 wins.Michael Schumacher also won his seventh world championship title at the spa in 2004.He has also won six races at the spa circuit which is the most wins for any formula one drivers on this circuit.Such is the challenge on this circuit that only six drivers have won the race more than two times here.Michael Schumacher(6 times),Ayrton Senna(5times),Kimi Raikkonen(4 times),Jim Clark(4 times),Juan Fangio(3 times),Damon Hill(3 times)

    Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps- Belguim

 Circuit Name -- Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
 First Grand prix -- 1950
 No of Laps -- 44
 Circuit Length -- 7.004 Km
 Race Distance -- 308.052 Km
 Lap Record -- 1:47.263 - S.vettel (2009)